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Klarna FAQs

How it works

1.      Choose Klarna as a payment method at checkout. You can select which payment option works best for you

2.      Checkout with either a credit or debit card. If eligible you can utilize the Buy Now, Pay Later option, then select from the following 3 different payment plans: 

o   4 Interest Free Payments

o   Flexible month-to-month

o   Pay in 30 Days

3.      Pay for your order within the payment plan timeframe

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Klarna?

Klarna is a payment platform that gives shoppers the ability to Buy Now Pay Later. Klarna offers three interest free payment options. With Klarna buying your favorite Fan gear has become easier than ever.

What are my payment options with Klarna?

o   You can pay with a debit or credit card at checkout

o   Pay in 4 -Checkout using a credit or debit card. Then Pay the rest in 3 equal interest free installments every two weeks.

o   Pay in 30 days – Gives you the ability to try before you buy and return what you don’t love. You will only pay for the items you want to keep and return the rest. Payment will be collected within 30 days of shipment

o   Flexible month-to-month – No fixed term. Just make your monthly minimum payment

*May vary depending on eligibility

What information does Klarna ask for?

If you want to make a purchase with Klarna you need to provide your

·        Name

·        Address

·        Email address

For some orders you may need to provide your mobile number or date of birth, too. It's very important, that you give Klarna the correct details, as otherwise you will not receive the payment information.

 Will Pay Later affect my credit?

No, Klarna will run a soft credit search that will not affect credit scoring and will only be seen by you and Klarna, but not visible to other lenders. Neither Klarna nor Fanatics run credit searches against you that could impact your credit rating.

Is my payment information safe?

Payment information is processed securely by Klarna. No card details are transferred to or held by us. All transactions take place via connections secured with the latest industry standard security protocols.

Why was I not offered the Pay Later Option?

Although Pay Later is a widely promoted it is not always universally available. Pay Later method is automatically generated by algorithms that are dependent upon several factors including:

  • Amount of order
  • The online store
  • Previous order history
  • Item availability

Alternatively, you can complete your order by paying with a credit or debit card at checkout.

How can I check my Klarna Orders or Account?

The easiest way to manage Klarna orders is via the Klarna app which you can download here

Can I pay off my installments early?

Absolutely! You can pay for your order at any point after you receive an email from Klarna with your payment details. You can login to your account here: https://app.klarna.com/login

What if I haven’t received an email with my statement/payment information?

If you do not have your statement number in hand you can log in at www.klarna.com, where you will find all your orders and be able to make payments.

Will I be notified before I am charged for an installment?

Yes. To help you pay on time, Klarna will alert you two days before payment is due – you'll receive email reminders to pay – and, if you are late, Klarna will also send you a text or letter.

What If I've received a statement, but I've not yet received my items?

If your due date is near and there is no sign of your order, please call us to check on delivery. You can also contact Klarna’s Customer Service so they can postpone the due date on your payment. https://www.klarna.com/us/customer-service/

What if I cancel my order?  

As soon as we have accepted your cancellation, then Klarna will cancel the statement or refund your payment. Refunds can take 2-7 business days to reflect onto your original form of payment.

How do, returns, refunds and partial refunds work?

Once we have received the return (partial or full) and you have received confirmation of this, an updated statement will be sent to you by Klarna if you've made a partial return. With a full return, your statement will be closed.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my Klarna account, payment issue or I am suspected of fraud?

You will need to reach out to Klarna directly.

o    Klarna FAQ’s – https://www.klarna.com/us/customer-service/

o   Klara Account - https://app.klarna.com/login